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Ginger King (3boxes)

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《姜皇饮》50毫升 X 6瓶

严选自然生态农法孕育出的红姜黄,有著 【姜黄之王】大地黄金的美誉。

以古法炮制浓缩萃练,结合独家科研技术,提取出最高效益之姜黄素 。

成分 : 红姜黄浓缩汁,老姜汁,蜂蜜,米醋,番茄汁,柠檬汁,金桔汁,苹果汁,麦芽 。

饮用方法 : 每日饮用一瓶,任何时间均可。

<Ginger King> 50 ml * 6 Bottle

The red turmeric bred by strict selection of natural ecological farming methods has the reputation of "king of turmeric" as the gold of the earth.

Concentrated extracts are prepared by ancient methods, combined with exclusive scientific research technology to extract the most effective curcumin.

Ingredients: red turmeric juice concentrate, old ginger juice, honey, rice vinegar, tomato juice, lemon juice, kumquat juice, apple juice, malt.

For reference only: One bottle a day, any time.
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