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Rose Fairy Roll-On 10ml

RM149.00 MYR
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Charming rose plus neroli, rosemary, bergamot and geranium essential oils, in a natural blend of grape seed oil and wheat germ oil; effuse sweet and alluring aromas and reveal endless feminine attraction.

Direction: Apply to skin, neck and wrist.

以多种最高贵的玫瑰、法国橙花、迷迭香、佛手柑、天竺葵等纯精油,依适量比率调制而成,是Rose Crown的限量精选产品。其香味淡雅怡人,舒爽轻柔,让您活力充沛,又充满宁静、典雅、含蓄的喜悦。


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