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R9489-Porcelain Crystal Wok

RM299.00 MYR
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35cm Infrared Porcelain Crystal Wok is approved by International Switzerland SGS.

Infrared Porcelain Crystal Wok with Japan Technology Super Hardened, Non-stick Bio-Porcelain Enamel Coating.
Dual functions: Grilling and Frying


1.Super hardened wok surface is made of Bio-Porcelain Enamel Coating. Created through high temperature of enamel immersion on the wok surface.
2.Specially designed materials are used. Alloy, super-heat conduction is made into one completed shape under a heavy force technology. The design for the base of the wok benefits equal heat conduction that helps well gathering of heat. Hardened Nano Porcelain Coating and Bio-Porcelain Enamel Coating are used to make the surface layers. The hard surfaces resist corrosion, oxidization and provides fast heat spherically. The result is non-stick, durable and strong porcelain crystal wok.
3.The artistic wok cover, made of stainless steel with strengthened glass, enables one to observe the cooking process easily.
4.Germany imported Bakelite handle, can be dismantled and replace. Cool touch handle prevents intense heat when being touched while using the wok.
5.Suitable for metal cooking utensils. Scouring pads or scourers can be used to wash the wok.
6.Dual functions. Can be used as grill pan or fry pan. Strong heat penetration helps to cook food faster and tastier. Less oil will be used or no wastage of oil while cooking.
7.Technology on Porcelain Enamel Coating guaranteed:
A、Non-toxic, resist mildew and bacteria
B、Non-stick wok surface
C、Clean and spotless wok surface
8.Capacity: 5.5Lt

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