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Tea Tree Clear Roll-On 10ml

RM129.00 MYR
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An Australian traditional herbal remedy for insect repellent, in a blend of tea tree, eucalyptus, clary sage and peppermint essential oils, together with grape seed oil and wheat germ oil; help to relief the itchiness from insect or mosquito bites, and calm the swelling.

Direction: Apply to affected area of skin or swellings.

以澳洲茶树、尤加利、快乐鼠尾草、欧薄荷等纯精油,依适量比率调制而成,为澳洲传统的老配方,可直接施用于肌肤。本精油有驱虫效果,可防止蚊虫叮咬,也能迅即消除已被叮咬的肿痛部位。 Rose Crown 特调防蚊虫配方,天然、温和有效率,适合全家使用,是您居家及旅游的随身良伴。


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