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Solfi Green (15g x10 sachet) [Limited Time Promo]

RM61.20 MYR RM68.00 MYR
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 Healthy Detoxification Giving You New Healthy Lifestyle

Product Features:
• Formulated in Japan
• Taste delicious (no raw greenish taste & powdery texture)
• Effective (8-10 hours), better bowel
• No toilet rush or stomachache problem or diarrhea
• Convenient Sachet Pack (Your traveller’s partner )
Mix 1 sachets of Solfigreen into 180cc of water, shake well and drink immediately.

健康排毒 给您健康新生活

✔ 日本配方
✔ 美昧可口(没有蔬菜青昧和粉状质地)
✔ 在8-10个小时有效的帮助消化利于排便
✔ 不会产生胃痛或腹泻
✔ 独立包装 ,方便携带


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