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R9588-Frying pan- 28cm

RM399.00 MYR
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1.Super hardened wok surface is made of Bio-Porcelain Enamel Coating. Created through high temperature of enamel immersion on the wok surface.

2.Specially designed materials are used. Alloy, super-heat conduction is made into one completed shape under a heavy force technology. The design for the base of the wok benefits equal heat conduction that helps well gathering of heat. Hardened Nano Porcelain Coating and Bio-Porcelain Enamel Coating are used to make the surface layers. The hard surfaces resist corrosion, oxidization and provides fast heat spherically. The result is non-stick, durable and strong porcelain crystal wok.

3.The artistic wok cover, made of stainless steel with strengthened glass, enables one to observe the cooking process easily.

4.Germany imported Bakelite handle, can be dismantled and replace. Cool touch handle prevents intense heat when being touched while using the wok.

5.Suitable for metal cooking utensils. Scouring pads or scourers can be used to wash the wok.

6.Strong heat penetration helps to cook food faster and tastier. Less oil will be used or no wastage of oil while cooking.

7.Technology on Porcelain Enamel Coating guaranteed:

  • Non-toxic, resist mildew and bacteria
  • Non-stick wok surface
  • Clean and spotless wok surface

8.Capacity: 4Lt


1.锅面是瓷釉溶射再经高温烧制成瓷晶, 超硬材质.

2.使用特殊材质与设计, 采用超导热合金复合材质,重力科技铸造一体成型,锅身设计导热均匀聚热性佳, 重心平稳, 里层使用奈米瓷釉硬化及远红外线瓷晶覆复, 产生超硬锅面, 耐蚀性, 抗菌化, 传热快速均匀煎炒不沾, 坚固耐用.


4.德制原料进口电木把手, 使用时不烫手,把手可以拆卸替换.


6.特殊设计,并有红外线功能, 热穿透力强,食物快熟, 并保持原汁原味.


  • 无毒证明保证
  • 不沾功能
  • 防霉抗菌功能不起斑点

8.净重: 1.934公斤

9.容量: 4公升

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