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Fresh Rice Mill & Instant Pot

RM2,288.00 MYR
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Fresh Rice Mill

Q&S Fresh Rice Mill removes the coarse bran from the outer layer of brown rice, making the rice taste more fragrant and elastic. Germ rice is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin E and cellulose that white rice lacks. The nutrition maintains endocrine balance, strengthens physical fitness, enhance endurance, and has a magical effect on improving intelligence and strengthening nerves. Moreover, it effectively prevents diseases such as high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and constipation. Germ rice is rich in soluble plant fiber, which has the effect of smoothing the intestines, promoting intestinal peristalsis, which speeds up the discharge of waste, and reducing the stimulation of carcinogens to the intestine.

Instant Pot

Eight intelligent functions: germ rice, stew soup with original taste , pork and duck, waterless cooking, stew soup with rich taste, fragrant porridge, beef and lamb, reheating

Optional taste for cooking (fresh fragrance, standard, rich)
Appointment is available 24 hours, convenient and worry-free, stuffy, stewed, steamed, boiled
Microcomputer monitors cooking without burning.



Q&S 智能胚芽鲜米机去除了糙米外层的粗糠,使米饭的味道更加香脆有弹性。胚芽米富含白米饭所缺乏的维生素B1,维生素E和纤维素。营养可维持内分泌平衡,增强体质,增强耐力,并具有改善智力和增强神经的神奇作用。此外,它可以有效预防高血压,高脂血症,糖尿病和便秘等疾病。胚芽稻米中含有丰富的可溶性植物纤维,具有使肠道光滑,促进肠道蠕动,加快废物排放,减少致癌物对肠道的刺激的作用。



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